vrijdag 8 maart 2013

Exchange 2007: Multiple users complain about Out of Office assistant not turning off

After applying some updates to our Exchange mailbox servers, serveral user complain about the Out of Office assistant not being turned off. Outlook says it is turned of, but people report that Out of Office reply still triggered when sending mail. Time to troubleshoot....

Serveral, not all the users that used it in a period of time since problems started. Some users disabled it with success . Makes it a bit more complicated.

We have multiple mailbox servers so probably issues on a few but not all servers.

For the short-term solution it was possible to let the user clean his rules with the command:
outlook /cleanrules. Disadvantage of this command is that all applied rules are deleted. So not applicable to users who have lots of rules configured.

Now troubleshooting begins. First thing comes in mind is an faulty update being applied since it began after applying several updates. There where only 2 updates applied, thats a bummer none of them really related to the issue. Microsft software + Microsoft Updates = Problems you would think.....not directly in this case. Step 2, eventlogs....nothing. Step 3, are all Exchange services which should be automaticly started started? NO.....

The issue was caused by the reboot of the server and the Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Assistant service not being started(On 1 mailbox server). After starting this service and restarting the Outlook client Out of Office assistent issue is resolved.

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